Does Your Relationship Need Work?

Jupiter is an offering planet, a giver of luck, and goodwill.

Since August of 2015, Jupiter has been in the sign of Virgo.

This requested that we all roll up our sleeves and put the hard work into our relationships.

If the work was not put in, you may have recognized from the Fall of 2015 up until where you are now that your relationships may have drastically changed or some may have even ended abruptly. This has all been karmic as those relationships that were not stable were those that were brittle, the foundation was shaky, and needed to come to an end.

Going forward as Jupiter enters Libra in September 2017, the universe ask that we let our wounds be our wisdom and begin to create more balance in our relationships. The very first relationship is with self. If you can’t love yourself and if your life is not balanced how do you expect to create harmony in your relationships. In the first half of 2016 things that were old should’ve been eliminated from your life and going into the fall you must begin working on new ideas, new comprises, and new ways of keeping romance alive using both harmony and hard work!

Many blessings xoxo

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