What Does Your Week Hold? 8/8/16 to 8/13/16

Dear Higher Self,


Please help us to release all that we need to let go.


The energy is really high this week. The week ends with a full moon. I shuffled the cards and looked what it is we need to know. Monday and Tuesday are operating off the Law of Attraction and Opportunity to forgive…. If you are holding on to resentments that can be expensive. It costs in health, happiness and joy…your flow of abundance is directly connected to what you may be hanging on to. Tuesday and Wednesday, please let all and everything go.  Take a detox break from the news. Make a list of people, places, you hold any anger for or about and release.


I hold back no forgiveness…I am free, you are free and all is released because I want to walk in light and joy. What gets us further in life is seeing only love. Take the higher road and get past the ego. Love the hell out of the people and see the divine creation. This is a week of taking the high road and riding past the drama.


At the end of the week, there may be a new person coming into your life. A friend, a new wave of energy…if you were able to let go and release any toxic energy you are carrying you will be welcoming the changes with open arms.


Monday begins with the Angel Number date of 8-8; this will be a week of powerful opportunity for you. Blocks are being lifted, and blessings are being showered upon you.


The key is to stay away from resentments, and keep focused upon love and positive energy.


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