Dos & Don’ts of Getting a Psychic Reading

DO find a Psychic Reader who you resonate with.  It is okay for you to shop around for the reader who has methods or style that you feel comfortable with. It often helps to ask for referrals or read reviews and feedback. The easier you can connect with your reader, the better they can connect with you and the clearer the messages.

DO keep an open mind and heart.  While it is fine and useful to have specific questions or areas you wish your reader to focus on, remaining open to the answer often leads to even more valuable guidance than you were expecting! Many times readers get info and answers that may be different than what you expected. But be assured that the information is always for your best and highest good, so try to stay “open” so you get the most from your experience.

DO try to be relaxed during your reading.  The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for your reader to tune into and connect with your energy.  While it is understandable that you may be seeking guidance or insight on some difficult topics, just try to take a moment before your reading to quiet yourself and relax, even if only for a few moments. Being overly angry, fearful or upset emotionally can make it little difficult to tune into your energy.

DON’T look for a psychic to give you legal or medical advice.  While a reader can and will certainly pick up on physical things or other important situations you may be going through, any insight or messages that may come through regarding these types of issues should not be used to make any decisions regarding them.  Always look to a professional for that type of advice.

DON’T think readers are all the same. Every psychic reader is different! No two psychics will bring in the same information in the same way.  Just like people, we are all unique, with our own styles and gifts.  The good news is that you can get a wide range of guidance.

DON’T make decisions based soley on information given in a psychic reading.  A good reading should give you extra information that you can take into account when making your decision, but it should not make any decision for you.  It should empower you, not take away your power.

Finally and most importantly, DO enjoy your reading! You should know that your psychic advisor is part of your team! We are always here to help and not harm.  You should leave a reading feeling good, having more clarity, more relieved and feeling empowered! So relax , keep your mind and heart open, and enjoy the connection!


All My Best,

Your InPsychics Advisor

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