October Blessings

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I believe that no matter where you are in the universe, there is a little extra magic in the air. October symbolizes to many, a heightened spiritual month and some may argue that it is most powerful month of all. Blessings are bountiful and the Moon reminds us it’s time to harvest. Did you know that: A Cornucopia is also called the Horn of Plenty: A symbol of abundance and nourishment.

This is wonderful time to bring some flowers in the home such as the Yellow Sunflower. Sunflowers, originally cultivated by the Indigenous People of North America, have been used for as food and medicine and symbolize happiness.  There is no time but the present! Cultivate space and add greater awareness to where your inner compass is pointing you. Beware and be prepared for a little boo and scare, courtesy of Mercury Retrograde: taking place from October 31st until November 20th, 2019. The tricks we play on ourselves will be revealed and the sweetness can be found in the surprise. Pay attention to your instincts.

As a Natural Clairvoyant, I find that my spider senses pick up more than ever in October and find that loved ones visit in spirit – often to leave a simple reminder they are still present. The frequency of the universe is calling our attention to the natural cycle of change. We can restore balance in our everyday life by being specific in our asks and intentions. Now is the time to examine what may be distracting you from attaining fulfillment, not only our careers and relationships but also ourselves. We are reminded of the importance of soul food with the tradition: Thanksgiving Feast. Food is only one form of nourishment.  Now is the time to carve out gunk and create opportunities for gratitude to shine through – and share the light with others.

A season of renewal, this is a good time to prepare a sacred space. Be alert as Spirits are ever more eager to engage with loved ones this Month! Some of my favorite things to include with my meditation altar are a safely lit pumpkin spice candle; yellow sunflowers; nuts and dried fruit; burning incense such as sweet grass. Sweet grass can help with warding off the negative and maintain a positive balance and has a pleasant aroma. Are you new to smudging or the use of incense? I recommend reading Tristan’s article next! A friendly reminder to never turn your back on a burning candle or incense. Remember, safety first!

This month can stir up some feelings of loneliness. Holiday Seasons can be stressful as much as they are joyous. I recommend that you take time to rest and meditate on all that you can be thankful for – this moment. Gratitude, which like a magic spell is a gateway for messages to come through crisp and clear. Don’t be afraid to admit where you are at and what you need. This is a perfect month for manifestation.

Your Spirit guide(s) is with you and Your Psychic guide(s) is only a phone call away.

October serves as a reminder that there are endless opportunities to color our life and our world. Enjoy the small things that cross your path this month and take time out for you. Make yourself a warm cuppa tea (apple cinnamon spice) and sit outside. Be thankful for the old and welcome in the new. Through the ebbs and the flows, gratitude is the glue that holds us all together. Thank You for showing up for YOU!

Bright Blessings,

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