Signs and Symbols

We all look for symbols and signs; signs we are making the right decision, symbols a loved one is nearby, even signs of what path we should take. But are we really open to seeing them?

Signs come in so many different forms, maybe you find dimes and each time you think of your grandpa. Dimes are your symbol for him.  Maybe you find your signs in nature, or in numbers, maybe it is a REAL sign. Sometimes they are BAM in your face, and sometimes they are pretty subtle. No matter what kind you can bet there are signs out there just for you!!

The way to get your sign is very simple: Ask, be open and be present!! The last one seems to be the hardest for most people. The asking can be very simple, some people like the ritual of ceremony, meditation or prayer to get their questions out and others like to just put it out into the universe. Either way it WILL work!  I do both, depending on so many things. Location, timing, and how big my question is. If I am on the go and need quick direction? I will just simply ask my question out loud to the universe and wait for my answer. On other occasions I have built my circle, smudged, asked my guides and the Creator to join me during my ceremony. I give thanks and honor them, then ask about my situation.  Let them know I will be looking for the sign, and their guidance. I once sat in my car outside of the house and asked my guides to show me a sign I was making the right decision. I was pretty specific too. I asked for a big sign, one I wouldn’t miss. On my way into town, while driving on a two lane highway I saw what looked like paper flapping in the wind, on the yellow line. AS I got close enough to see? It was a fish!!! Flopping around right in the middle of the road!!! With no water around me! OK I got my sign J I took a moment and gave thanks for them giving me my sign and in a way I could never miss it.

Our guides and the Creator are always listening and will always give you an answer. The key is to be open to seeing your answer and how it might come. Signs come in so many ways, a picture on the truck in front of us, an animal that crosses our path, or maybe certain numbers keep popping up in our lives.  Some of us want big flashing neon signs! Ask!!! You might just drive by one that tells you something! On a very stressful day, I was rushing from point A to point B thinking of all the things I need to get done, I passed a yoga studio with a big sign out front that said “Just BREATHE!”!! LOL so I did!! Maybe we won’t even know we are looking for a sign.  One day I had no questions in my mind, lol so I thought, I was just sitting by the river enjoying the day. Then an eagle flew in front of me, it was being chased by some small white birds that just kept dive bombing this big beautiful eagle. That day I learnt two things. One is to be like the eagle and shrug of the small stuff, the other was to be like the small bird and go after big dreams!!

Being PRESENT is a hard thing to stay on top of. Future worries, finances, health issues, family all get in the way of being present. If I had been too focused on my stresses that day, I would never have seen my “just breathe” sign. Well I might have seen it, but not the way I was meant to.  Sometimes we are so caught up in life that we don’t see our signs. My friend was agonizing over going back to school, could she afford it? Make the time? Is she too old? She asked for a sign. Later that day her well maintained car broke down, she called me while she waited for a tow truck. She complained about the inconvenience, she stressed about the cost and then we were back to should she go to school. In the end I asked where her car broke down, guess where? In front of the college! With her so caught up in what was happening she never seen her sign!! Sometimes our signs look like obstacles but everything happens for a reason!

So ask for your signs and symbols, be open to how they come, be present and aware! Then celebrate them when they come and always take a moment to give thanks and honor the gift you were given!

Love & light

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