Spiritual Consciousness

When we think of Consciousness, we think of being aware in the “Now”, but this state of being is not the only place this exists. When we have a happy or positive experience we don’t think about it, we embrace it as it was supposed to happen this way. However, when we have a negative experience we attach ourselves to the experience, in thought, emotion, guilt or even blame. These experiences are just as real and provide spiritual growth as any positive one. Why? Well it provides a balance of the Yin/Yang in our lives, but unfortunately, we end up feeling bad rather than good and that’s because of where our state of consciousness is at the time.

If someone cuts you off on the road, for example, we might have a bad thought or words to say. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just showing us that we are vital to our surroundings; so, after that negative experience, just let it go! Move on from that thought pattern and say “I am a Spiritual being having a human experience, I will not absorb this, I will release this!”.

Although we may think of ourselves as spiritual beings, it unfortunately does not prevent us from human lessons, trials and mistakes. Just know that we are on a journey, the “good and bad, maybe so, and maybe not” is all part of our consciousness and we must embrace both spirit and human experiences to express gratitude towards ourselves for experiencing every moment of Life, Growth, and Consciousness.



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