The Practical Applications of Intuition: Solving Mundane Matters as your Higher Self

As a young person, my intuition was one of the first things that made me take notice of my abilities.  I quickly realized I was one to “feel” my way through situations, choices, and anything else that needed deciding upon. This is the same feeling that gives me specific information, and tells me things about people I otherwise wouldn’t know.  Even as a clairvoyant and clairaudient psychic and medium, I still find intuition is one of my most useful tools, because it often compliments my other gifts very well.

What is intuition?  Intuition is something we all have.  It is a guiding force, and it keep us safe from harm, from making mistakes, and can even save your life.  It tells us if we should or shouldn’t trust a person, and for people like myself, it even tells us why.  It goes without saying that intuition is extremely helpful in making big decisions, quick decisions, and avoiding the pitfalls of life, but it is especially useful for those small, everyday decisions that continuously arise.

Intuitive guidance is known for coming in at times when it is urgently needed, and when there is much at stake, but for those who perpetually maintain this intuitive connection, it becomes a compass for making even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant decisions.   What if there was a way to tell if you are making the right choice BEFORE you made it?  That would be incredible, and the good news is that this ability does exist and you don’t need to be a professional psychic with years of experience to practice, strengthen and maintain it.  To illustrate this point, I will use an example:

A woman had plans to take her children to the park.  They all woke up like they did on every other Saturday morning, and as she and the children got ready a strange feeling hits this woman in her chest and gut.  The feeling in her chest draws her attention telling her there is reason to reconsider going to the park, and the feeling in her gut confirms this.  These feelings are followed by a thought, “maybe we should go to the movies instead, it may rain”.  The woman in this scenario IGNORES the intuitive “nudges” (as I call them), and spends the next hour packing up lunch, beverages and outdoor activities.  All the while she is checking the sky for rain clouds periodically through the kitchen window.  She convinces herself that she can take comfort in the fact that the weather forecast (which just began on her television) calls for clear skies and sunshine all day.  The family leaves, arriving at the park 20 minutes later.  They unpack everything and the kids begin to play, but an hour later the wind picks up and dark clouds come rolling in.  Shortly after, it begins to rain and the family must pack up their things then rush to the car.  The woman is now telling herself “I knew this would happen, why didn’t I listen?”

This is a simple scenario, but I use it to make a point.  This could have been a more serious situation where the woman (or someone else) is injured after ignoring intuitive guidance telling her “Don’t drive that way to work today”, “That dog will bite if you touch it”, or “Maybe my child has sneaked out, I should check on them”.  This same feeling has kept me out of car accidents, from being robbed, and it reminds me (consistently) when I leave something behind or forget to lock the house.  Many times a week when I am driving, I hear, “Slow down there is a police officer nearby!”  Without fail, every time I slow down and end up driving past an officer or a speed trap.  My older kids hate it because I always know when they are up after bed time, and I use my intuition to tell me if they are up playing games when they should be sleeping.

A LOT of people get these feelings, but only SOME pay any attention to them.  The more you trust this ability and use it as a tool, the more it will chime in with useful information.  I have a digestive condition and no Gall Bladder, and I use my intuitive guidance to choose what to eat or not eat, when I should eat, and if I should eat at all.  When I don’t listen, I almost always feel sick as a result.  I also pay attention for this feeling which notifies me that the phone will soon ring, that I have a new email, that the washer and dryer cycle is completed, the animals are out of drinking water, or that a client is looking for me.  Very rarely does my intuitive guidance come for no reason, and every time I ignore it I absolutely regret it, because I know that I knew better, was told the right direction to go, and didn’t listen.

I truly love the clients who we work with here at InPsychics, and I use my intuitive guidance to shine light on your situations and choices in the same way that I do for myself.  I believe in the abilities, techniques and guidance that I use for all of you, because I utilize these same abilities and methods for myself every single day.  I do this with major life decisions, and also with small every day matters.  Pants or shorts? Should I bring a jacket? Will I need an umbrella?  Will this particular food cause a flare up?  Does the baby need a diaper change?  Did he just wake up in the other room, or will he be waking up soon?  These are all questions that I have answered for myself intuitively and on a daily basis, using the same methods that I use to make your predictions and examine the situations you discuss with me.

Now let’s talk about what this means for you.  YOU ARE an INTUITIVE.  I am an intuitive.  We all are intuitive beings, and we just simply need to ask for guidance and listen.  Don’t feel you must make you decisions blindly or that the future is always uncertain.  Nine times out of ten, if you ask and listen effectively, you will receive relative and useful information.   This can help you avoid life’s problems and annoyances and reduce the amount of time spent making decisions because you don’t know which way to go.  What does your gut tell you?  Interpreting this information takes some practice, so if you end up being wrong at first its okay, but don’t let that lead you to doubt yourself or give up.  Reading this information is slightly different for everyone and will take some getting used to.  Confidence is key, and doubt will suppress your intuition every time.  Eventually you will know what sensations to look for, which thoughts stand out, and you will notice that you feel your energy being pulled toward one choice or the other.  As human beings we were not meant to wander through life with no sense of what is to come.  Our bodies have built in alarm systems with superhuman intelligence, waiting to download into our conscious mind at the right time, in the right situation.  It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing a pair of pants, or deciding if it’s safe to walk a particular street at night.  When you feel that familiar ping, the intuitive nudge means it is time to stop, open up, and listen for guidance from one’s higher self.

Intuition is not an exact science, but it can be used for a very wide range of problems and situations to bring out information on the best choice or course of action.  Listen and look into it if you feel your car will soon break down, you hear your higher self-telling you to fill up because gas prices will rise tomorrow, if you sense your child hid their dinner behind the couch (you may even catch them doing it, I have)!  We can easily use our intuition not only to make big important life decisions, but it can also help us make it through the day to day and more mundane problems and situations that arise.  Those who follow their intuition TRULY have an extreme advantage in this world, and I chose this topic hoping that at least one person may learn from it and benefit from this information.

When you are looking for those intuitive nudges, pay attention to gut feelings, spontaneous or intrusive thoughts, sudden and specific knowledge relating to a certain course of events and their outcome, and feeling your energy being pulled toward a particular decision or option over the other(s).  Usually, intuition tells you what “feels right”, or even what “feels wrong”, and when a situation seems suspicious or strange.  We each function intuitively in our own unique way, so it will take time to know what works for you, what feelings to look for, and when to pay attention, but conscious effort and persistence will ensure that you receive every advantage your Higher Self is willing and able to offer.  Be mindful and be ready for these messages!

Wishing you all success and happiness.

– Cairo – Ext: 1944

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