Interested in Crystals?

People often wonder about the power of crystals. Crystals are powerful sources of energy! If you are curious about them, I have listed a cliff note version of the most common crystals you may hear about, including their uses and which Chakra they relate to. I often use crystals when I am reading. I hold them in my hand, often close my eyes for a second, and connect them to my Chakras.  Once connected my guides are there to help me connect to the wonderful energy of you!


This beautiful purplish crystal offers clarity and boosts mindful perception and understanding, and mine is where I can see it as I connect to you.  One of my stones is shaped like an angel, and I often pick it up while chatting with you!
Chakras: Third Eye & Crown

Clear Quartz

The clear helps clarity in thinking and in awareness, which is why I always have one by my phone for you! One of my quartz has an angel inside. She sits on my computer!
Chakras: All Chakras

Green Jade

This beautiful lighter green crystal is thought to be of good luck, abundance, friendship, and keeping on schedule. YES! I am very aware of your time and your faith in calling InPsychics!  That is why my Green Jade is on the other side of my phone!

Charka: Heart

Rose Quartz

This gentle pink crystal carries inner healing, increasing both self-worth and self-confidence. I actually have several of these lovely stones, which I gaze at while I am talking to you!!
Chakras: Heart

Ariel Ext: 1951

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