What is a Chakra?

Many people have heard of the term “Chakra/Chakras”, but perhaps you wonder what they really refer to. Each Chakra is assigned a different color, and is linearly centered in our bodies.

There are seven main Chakras including:

  1. The Crown (Violet)- Located at the top of the head. Represents Spirituality.
  2. The Third Eye (Indigo)- Located on the forehead, between the eyes. Represents focus, and vision.
  3. The Throat (Blue)- Located in the throat. Represents communication.
  4. The Heart (Green)- Located in the heart. Represents love.
  5. Solar Plexus (Yellow)- Located in the stomach. Represents self-confidence.
  6. Sacral (Orange)- Located in the lower abdomen 2 inches below navel. Represents acceptance of others and new experiences.
  7. Root (Red)- Located in the base of spine (Tailbone). Represents foundation.

Chakras, in the most basic terms, are energy systems or “centers of energy”.  OK you ask, what exactly does that mean?  To understand that, let’s go back to the word Chakra. It has its beginnings in the Indian culture, more specifically from Hindu philosophy. The term Chakra itself is Hindi in origin, and means “spinning wheel”.  Since wheels, specifically ‘spinning wheels’ create energy; the term “energy systems” is essentially used to define the Chakras. Each Chakra spins at a different rate. This means our chakras are spinning within ourselves and they can have various levels of ‘activity’ as well as different shades of the color it is associated with. If some Chakras are under-active, others could compensate and become ‘over active’. Think of them as invisible rechargeable power sources! Sort of like your home with power outlets. The main difference being that your chakras can be ‘recharged’ for free!

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