Stepping Into My Purpose: An Unexpected Path

My journey to my life purpose of being a psychic medium is proof that there are many paths to the same endpoint and no matter which one you take, there is no “right” one and you WILL get to where you are meant to be!

I would not have considered myself a psychic child, however, I had clear recall of my past life from as early as I could talk.  To this day I can clearly recollect that life as a young boy in rural Germany! As you can imagine, my recount was not very well received by family and friends, so I stopped talking about it for most of my childhood.

I was always an empathic child growing up, sensitive to energies of people and places. However, back then it was not called “empath” but rather sensitive and moody. From very young and into adulthood, I was always the one that hurting people were attracted to. Strangers would tell me their life stories and tell me how “comfortable” they felt/feel around me for some reason.

I took my ability to put people at ease as a sign that I was meant to go into the healing profession.  For me, it was psychology and social work.  So after graduating with my masters, I set out to be a counselor.  I always had a “knack” for knowing what was really going on with people, even when they did not share the information with me.  I always just chalked it up to my ability to connect with my clients.

Fast forward several years during some major life transitions, many of which most would see as negative events, I began realizing that I had some gifts that went a little beyond just understanding people.  My clairvoyance, claircognizance, channeling and mediumship began to unfold.  I spent a year or so trying to figure out if this was truly my new path.  I was undeniably shown that yes, this is how I am supposed to heal people!

Finally, several years ago, I embraced my new-found mission to help those who seek with answers and insights to any issues they need guidance on. I use my gifts to empower people and help them remember their own purpose.  I am also honored to be able to give people the comfort in knowing that their loved ones are still connected to them even after they have passed.

While 20 years ago you could not have convinced me that I would be a full time, professional psychic medium, today you cannot convince me that there is anything else I could be! I love what I do and I look forward to connecting with you!

Your InPsychics Advisor,

Timara Ext: 1037

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