Why do Spirits Visit?

It’s simple — because they can!

Our soul family on the Other-Side wants to share our lives with us.

I have met with thousands of clients and their loved ones who come through. They want to acknowledge that they are around us during difficult times and in fun times. I have spirits describe the decorations around a home, or that special picture on a mantle. A father comes to tell his daughter that he was there when the car left the road, and he cradled her to keep her safe because her time to exit earth had not come. He was able to lend his support and strength.

I often receive evidence that spirits were there to see their children get married, or witness the birth of a baby, or a daughter’s graduation. Physically they are gone, but their spirit can return to see us, to hug us when we are sad and cheer us on. After all, if they were here physically, they would try and come. Being in spirit, gives them more latitude to visit.

I know you can feel them if you take a deep breath and quiet your mind. You may feel a small chill on your neck or you may get a feeling of warmth flow through you. If you are really relaxed, you may smell them. It might be with a puff of smoke or cologne. When the time comes, enjoy that you are transitioning into a metaphysical world where so much is possible. You are not going crazy you are becoming more psychic.

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