Am I pregnant? Will I get pregnant?

We get asked this query quite a often. It’s only natural to want to know. Personally, I’ve been picking up on pregnancies for about 20 years now. I have even picked it up through the father and had never cast eyes on, or even spoken to the mother. After all these years, I believe what we pick up on is the ‘soul connection’ and less so on the pregnancy itself. It is my own experience and belief that the baby soul ‘hovers’ in the energy space, even before conception, and it is because of that, Mediumistic Psychics can feel it’s presence. In that way, I can pick this up through mom and/or dad because the soul is linked to both. Sometimes however, it’s not so straight forward, as miscarriages also have a soul attached. So picking up on a pregnancy is not the same as “will it go full term?” Hence we really need to be careful. For me, I never predict that aspect as it goes into the category of health and not ‘soul’. We are not doctors, nor do we play God. It’s a soul agreement between the parents and the little soul.

So can we pick up on… Am I pregnant and will I get pregnant? In essence yes. If this is an area of interest to you feel free to reach out further for a special 1:1 connection.

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