Spring Is Here!

On Sunday, the spring equinox happened. This is heralding a very powerful week. On Wednesday, we will have a full moon and a lunar eclipse. The full moon is always a time for clearing and releasing. Spring is a time for material house cleaning. Then Sunday is Easter and that was the ascension of Jesus and each of us is going through a period of cleansing and ascending into more wisdom.

Take this week in stride. If you are full moon sensitive as I am than become a hermit and let go, let healing come in. As we draw closer to the Friday remember to protect yourself. Meditate and ask for a healing light to surround you. Being self-aware about what you are experiencing is so important. Know that these headaches will pass. The pain can manifest in other ways if you do not let go, seek forgiveness of self and give forgiveness to others.

Jesus said. “Father, forgive them they know not what they do.” He is right. Many of us do not intentionally set out to create harm. We are human and mistakes are made.

  • Monday and Tuesday- Release!
  • Wednesday and Thursday- Clear…Cancel and delete.
  • Thursday and Friday- Clean and Protect.
  • Saturday and Sunday-Open to receive healing and light. Ascend into higher wisdom.

May you learn, live and love.

May you have peace, ease and grace.


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