Are you feeling nostalgic or sensitive emotionally? Do you feel the need to push others or speed ahead? Relax. Lunar eclipses make us feel emotions more deeply, thrust us out of our comfort zone and bring on final endings. It is the energy of the full moon x 3 or 4!

This lunar eclipse is in Libra, Wednesday March 23rd, but can be felt from one month ago- to months ahead!  Libra relates to balance and fairness, hence the scales of justice. Try to see both sides of an issue. Libra is about relationships, especially marriage and romantic ones. That said, this eclipse could affect close relationships, but it is important to go with the flow, and not push or demand to be “right”.

Eclipses make changes in our lives, sometimes unexpectedly. This usually signifies the need to let go of someone or something. This can come as a shock, or a necessary wake-up call. For example, a relationship break-up, or a job loss, or even some aspect of your personality you need to change. But we must have faith that it is for the best, as it will remove from our lives what no longer serves us, to make room for something better.

Lunar eclipses occur when the earth is between the moon and the sun, shadowing the moon.  The moon almost disappears. A lunar eclipse happens during a full moon and typically signifies endings or unexpected events.

Eclipses are not always negative news, sometimes they herald births, or new jobs, new contracts or beginnings; but whatever the news, it usually is life-changing! The universe does this to push you forward, to your path of destiny.

Some useful tips to survive eclipse times:

  • Try not to sign important contracts, buy a new car or electronics, avoid travel or getting married during an eclipse.
  • Best to lie low, slow down, remain calm, and trust that all will work out in the end smoothly.
  • Be gentle with yourself and others. Remember love always wins out in the end.
  • Take some time out for self-care, and to re-charge your batteries.
  • Remember to breathe! Listen to some relaxing music…
  • Go for a walk in nature.
  • Meditate to balance your chakras.

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Love and Blessings!

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