Spring Flowers

Just like the Spring Flowers blooming after a long winter’s nap, so will old emotions emerge to be healed.  Old relationships, past childhood traumas, playground bullying, etc. All will come to the surface to finally be healed once and for all.

We all need to feel refreshed and have a new outlook on life. This is what Spring cleaning for our house is for, and so is the Spring cleaning that is coming up for our emotional selves too. We have been asking to allow these things to no longer control our lives. Now is the time to let them go.

Our emotional selves cannot continue to thrive while having these negative weights holding us down. We must recognize them and release them to move forward.

My Angelic Team has given me a simple yet effective way to release these old feelings and hurts as they come up to us so that we may move on. They do tell me that they will continue to come up in our lives if we do not release them and replace them will positives.

Here is a simple format on how to just that. As a negative thing that impacts our lives comes up, let’s just use guilt as an example here, we need to release it from ourselves. Each time guilt comes up to us for something we did not do or say, visually place the word GUILT inside of a helium balloon and tell it, “Thank you for your time in my life, but you are no longer needed.” Then release it into the atmosphere. Watch it as it rises high into the sky that when it hits the atmosphere, it explodes or disintegrates. Watch all the little pieces of the balloon and the word you have placed in there, break up into little bits and pieces.

After you have seen this, please state out loud or in your mind, “Please replace that with Peace, Kindness and Unconditional Love”. That way we are still whole as whatever was removed must be replaced with something so replace it with positives.

Notice as the sun will start to shine a little brighter, the clouds will look prettier to you, the air will smell fresher, the rain will clean the air to a fresher degree, and so forth, as these things are being released from our lives.

Each time we do this exercise, we are allowing ourselves the freedom to add back into our lives any positive that we would like to have.

Spring Flowers can start coming up and flowering in our personal lives too. We do not need to allow it to just be on the Earth.

It may take us several tries to release some negative emotion in our lives, but the buds to positivity will start to emerge if we make this a ritual each time they come up.

Always remember, these things did not happen just once in our lifetime. They have happened multiple times and may take multiple times of releasing them before they stop popping back up.


I wish you all loads of Love and Light.


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