Summer of Gladness and Madness?

I meditate for a few moments and then choose cards to show us the energy surrounding us now…

Wow–Summer is so gorgeous, the sun and blooms and spending time with family. So why are some people unhappy? How many of you have felt like you are on a roller-coaster or trying to swim against the current?

There has been a lot going on lately, with the imminent US election, powerful planets in the universe, and a full moon almost -eclipse looming with Mercury retrograde at months’ end.

I feel that many people are dealing with a lot. Such as an illness in the family, work and relationship stress, and too much watching negative social media. There is a great need to shift your focus and just breathe! Stress is toxic.

The first card is the Hermit, which means that some of us have wanted to retreat into a cave, literally and stargaze! Spiritual seekers are looking for more meditation, advice, and like-minded people to share their insights as a mentor or friend. The message here is to take a break from society, detach from the family or work-related dramas, (it’s not your stuff), and go within…

There may be some unscrupulous or negative persons in your environment, that you need to distance yourself from, or you may decide a situation or person is just not worth it, so it is OK, to let go. See the truth in the situation… Sometimes we pick up other peoples’ energy unconsciously, and it affects us emotionally, and psychically.

The last card, is the best! The major arcana card of The STAR!

This message is powerful and very positive… it means to have hope, faith and your dreams will manifest into reality. Wish upon that star! Challenging times are almost over, things are definitely looking up!

We can’t change people, or what happens sometimes, but we can always modify our reactions and expectations! If we expect a positive outcome, it generally does happen!

Have an amazing rest of the summer, most importantly ENJOY!

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