Do You Worry Too Much? – Take Control of Anxiety

You have an anxious thought which leads to another anxious thought. The cycle begins and you can’t seem to stop the stream of consciousness filling you with anxiety and dread.  You exhaust yourself mentally, emotionally, and even physically.  Excessive worry can result in numerous physical problems including exhaustion. The good news is that there are several very practical suggestions to aid in releasing this negative energy.

The first step that helped me was separating what I refer to as ‘positive worry’ and ‘negative worry.’  What I mean by that is when I am solution focused or trying to come up with a plan to deal with a problem, I consider that ‘positive worry.’ Anxiety does serve a purpose and there is a need for a certain amount of it to motivate us. However, when it becomes excessive, it can have the opposite effect and enviably disable us.

Next, I ask myself “what are the chances that what I am worried about will actually happen?”  Probably, very low.  How many things have you worried about in the past that never occurred?  This is probably just another instance of that.  Even when something I have worried about does come to pass, its rarely, if ever, as bad an I had anticipated.  Another suggestion that works for is avoiding ‘vague fears’ and carefully examining the language I use in self dialogue.  I may be saying to myself, ‘this is awful’ or ‘this is a disaster’ when it really is not.  Changing the words I use can change the way I feel about a situation.

Finally, bring yourself back to the present moment.  Often referred to as Core Mindfulness Skills, these techniques can diminish worry as worry thoughts are about the future.  Utilize all your senses.  Look out a window at the beauty of nature. If that is not possible, find a pleasant painting or something else you find beautiful to gaze at.  Burn incense or candles to employ your sense of smell.  Listen to music or enjoy the silence.  Eat a piece of candy.  You get the idea. Employ all your senses to ground yourself in the present moment.  When you feel grounded, ask yourself ‘is there anything I can do right now to fix this situation I am worried about?’  If so, do it. If not, let it go.

I hope you will find these techniques as helpful as I have.

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