Mars Goes Direct! Are You Ready For Change?

Mars, aka the red planet, represents our actions, motivations and suggests to us what we can do in our lives to make life better. Mars has been in retrograde and in its shadow phase since February 17. Mars officially went retrograde April 19 and will finally go direct on June 29, however still hovering in shadow phase until the first week of August. Mars going direct is a relief for all of us. Let’s face it, any planet retrograde means that moving forward with projects, health concerns, or relationships is somewhat a struggle and will always be put on hold. This long, extended Mars retrograde of 2016, which usually happens every 2 years for 3 weeks, has given us all a reality check of awareness towards letting go of the superficial, asking us to look more deeply into our own motivations. What are your intentions in your life and what really matters to you? Have you thought about these ideas in the last five months to manifest your new beginnings in life? If you have then congratulations, because as we enter the month of August the universe will reward you with pure clarity, including a lovely cherry on top!

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