A Personal Journey

From a young age I knew I was different than others. I always seemed to know what people were thinking and feeling, even when they tried to hide it.  I am an empath by nature, and very sensitive to energy.  From this high level of sensitivity, I have developed methods and techniques to enhance my abilities, pushing myself to obtain more information, and very specific information as I do now.

Although I am an empath, I also was born with clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities. As a young child and teenager, I struggled with how much energy I picked up on, the level of information I received, and I could not tell my own thoughts and feelings from that of others (which is very common for empaths).  This led to a lot of confusion and difficulty functioning day to day.  Once I began to understand what I was capable of and that I could control it, I began intensively studying the art of psychic reading, remote viewing, psychology, and almost everything else I could find related to metaphysics. Through this study and soul searching I found my equilibrium and was able to gain total control.

At this point everything changed. I was able to focus my mind, the anxiety I felt almost every day had disappeared, and I found ways to look at the energy and thoughts that I received from others more objectively instead of taking them within myself.  This allows me to provide an outside perspective, while still understanding the inner feelings and internal state of those I read for and come into contact with.  It dawned on me that I DID need to feel and experience the emotions and thoughts of others, but I DID NOT have to absorb them as my own, instead I could release them while still gaining the same insights.

I quickly found that my ability to understand the essence of a person, who they really are, and how they function in this world came quite naturally.  Not only could I see who people were, how they felt, hear their thoughts, etc., I also understood how they came to be that way, what motivated them, what was driving these aspects of their personality, and how it related to their emotional state. I could now more effectively tune in and understand my clients’ state of mind, emotional, physical, and spiritual state. In addition to this, my clairvoyant, clairaudient, and other abilities brought in related information and allowed me to read situations as well as I could read the people within them, make accurate predictions, and identify energetic imbalances and blockages (which I could now remove and realign energetically or advise the client on how to do so themselves).

I began giving readings at the age of 13 in online forums, and I have spent a long time perfecting my skills, getting comfortable with them, and learning how I could best present information in a productive, accurate, and healing manner. It wasn’t until I was much older that I would make this my career, and reveal to my family and friends who I really was; I had to come out of the “psychic closet” so to speak.

At the age of 19, I enrolled in a program at an art school, with the intention of pursuing a career in animation, CGI, and digital arts. I learned and developed quite a bit in this time as an artist, while setting my gifts on the back burner, and not really using them except to help bring useful information out in my day to day life.  Halfway through my program I was forced to discontinue classes due to ongoing and chronic health issues. At this point I was already unable to work, and on bed rest about %80 of the time. I had started providing readings for people again at this point, however, and I decided that I could begin charging for these services and work from home with a very flexible schedule; something I very much needed in a job because I was so limited by my illness.

I started advertising my services on several different platforms, and in addition to doing online/email and in person readings I began to offer readings by phone.  I kept this secret from those around me for quite some time.  I quickly realized that my abilities were a lot stronger than when I was younger, and I found many people who crossed my path in need of reading and healing services. It was at this time I decided I would make known to the those around me who I really was, what I could do, and with that I left “the closet”, no longer feeling that I could hide who I was.

This decision changed my life in an incredible way as I began doing readings and reiki healing sessions full time. As someone who finally found their calling and fully embraced it, I put all my energy into my work and began to see fantastic results as clients worked through their issues, found ways to achieve positive growth through my suggestions, and found happiness and fulfilment by working to change the circumstances and dynamics we identified in our reading and healing sessions. It wasn’t long before I became ordained (non-denominationally) and began offering spiritual counseling among other services.

As a veteran reader with 10 years of experience, I have done countless readings (probably close to a thousand if not more) and I find I am still learning every day. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have these gifts and be able to utilize them to make a living. I cannot think of anything I would rather do, and helping people to heal and grow is something I feel compelled to do from deep within. When you come to me for a reading, you will find more than just someone to confide in.  I can identify what the issues are, what brought you to this point, and how to find a resolution that will help you to improve your life for the better.  Although only 23 years old, I began doing this work at such a young age that I find it is second nature, and I adjust the reading to meet the specific needs of my clients.  I provide an individualized experience, because you are all individuals and unique in your own way, and a one size fits all approach does not yield the same results. If you are struggling, confused, lost, in pain, or in need of clarity I am here to help and show you the way.

– Cairo – Ext: 1944

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