You are Loved

We are in the week before Valentine’s Day. It is associated with romantic love. In the late middle ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished, expressions of love came with flowers and notes.

By the 18th-century England, Valentine’s Day had evolved into an occasion in which secret admirers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering candy, and sending cards (“Valentines”).

Today we are in a week of hope that on Sunday someone will make us the object of love, even from a distance. I want to take this time to remind all who read this, that this blog is for you. You are loved each and every day. You are loved from a distance by all who have travelled into a new realm of love and forgiveness.

I work with spirits, angels and messages from God. I know that we all have guardians who love us and you will be loved on this day. I recommend that you take a walk and breathe, if you feel lonely on Sunday. There will be subtle signs that you are loved. Maybe you will find a coin, a key, or a wing.

Love presents itself in many ways. Please be open to receive. Let go of all that holds you back and open up to the unseen. You are LOVED.


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