Valentine’s Day Message from Hadiyah …

As I channeled the angels and divine beings, I asked to see what many people will be experiencing within this 2016 Valentine’s energy. Arch Angel Chamuel, who governs healing in matters of the heart, gave me a vision of two hearts, one right-side up bright and vibrant & the other upside down and cracked. What’s interesting is that these two hearts reflect two parts of the same heart regardless if you are single, dating or in a committed relationship.

As I visualize the energy of love for singles or those who are casually dating, the right-side up heart represents a part of you that has a desire for “real” love. You want the real thing, that deep soul connection. Your heart is saying “Yes! I want to dive into the deepest depths of true love and feel it intensely!” You want to share a passion for life with that special someone who really “gets” you and you “get” them. You’re ready and want it all, the attraction, sex, passion, compatibility, stability and longevity.

The upside-down heart represents the “shadow” side of yourself and love. It represents a fear of putting your heart on the line because of past hurts, pains and disappointments. You are questioning yourself, questioning your choices and questioning the motives of others. You are tired of games, tired of having to start over repeatedly, tired of wasting your time and not willing to fully jump into something that may not last.


If you are in a committed relationship, the right-side up heart and upside down heart represent the desire for growth, change and balance in your relationship. For some, you are stable in your relationship and for the most part, things are well. But you want something interesting to happen in the romance area. You want to change things up a little and add some spark! For others, the relationship is off balance where the “give and take” seems to be one-sided. You and your partner are not seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to fulfilling expectations and your definition of “love” doesn’t seem to match your partner’s definition.


Ask Arch Angel Chamuel to work with you towards healing any brokenness in your heart through the power of forgiveness, acceptance of what we can and cannot change and choosing to love ourselves unconditionally. Sometimes, this means going all the way back to review our childhood or even going back further, BEFORE childhood to look into our Past Lives! As a past life reader, I have seen how often we carry experiences with us from one life time to another. This can have a dramatic effect on our current relationships, how we see ourselves, as well as, tell us why we have certain desires, fears and expectations!

After examination of yourself, fully embrace without criticism, your uniqueness, imperfections, strengths and talents. Understand what it takes to make you happy and why, then pursue it! Do not settle for less than what you want and deserve! Yes, compromise is necessary within any relationship but not to the detriment of your self-worth and values. Emotions are a result of how you choose to feel based on your values. “Choose” this Valentine’s Day to be happy without depending on others for your happiness! Love YOURSELF First, Be Good to YOURSELF First. Utilize and allow the Law of Attraction to act in its perfection to perfectly return to you through others the energy and vibrations of love you give to yourself and deserve in your life!

Love & Light,
Hadiyah  Ext. 1096
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