When will I find love??

Isn’t that the question all of us has asked at some point? Then comes the inevitable clichés, “you will find love when you love yourself” and my favorite “love will find you when you are happy alone and you aren’t looking for it.”

Then the moment we all think, well I don’t hate myself, I love myself!! Love should be right around the corner! BUT if we truly stop and think do we really like all aspects of ourselves? Have we accepted the shadow side of us? Learned how to use our faults to benefit us? Have you done the soul searching that allows you to intimately know yourself?  If you are answering yes to all of these questions then good for you!! You have put in some hard work and pat yourself on the back!! Love is not far away but keep reading you may have a few more steps to go!

I know your groaning right now, thinking more work?? Believe it, that was me too!  I had to put in many years of hard labor but with the help of my Spirit Guides I got to know, love and accept myself. Despite any one else opinions, accepting our faults(shadow side) isn’t as hard as we think. For years I would hear “you talk to much” and my first words were ”no I don’t!”. Well guess what? I talk WAY too much! now I have accepted it and yes even embraced it!! instead of embarrassed by it! How did I use it to my benefit? I found work that allowed me talk time, and being aware of it (instead of denying it), I could also take time to simply be quiet and give others a turn. Also I have always been one to start projects but I could never seem to finish them. Once I accepted it I was able to find projects with less steps, so I wouldn’t lose interest. At the same time I learned to challenge myself to do things with many steps!!

So here I was loving myself and just waiting to share that love!! I knew what I was looking for and I did what all singles do and went to parties, did an online profile, let my friends fix me up and still NOTHING!! Sure I met a few new friends and had some funny stories to tell but I still hadn’t found love! So back I went to my Spirit Guides and I had more questions! I’m loving myself but still no love? My friends are getting dates but I cant even get a number!! What else do I need to do? I learned two things that day. First thing they told me was to have faith in who I was and to be OPEN. I argued with them, but I am open! But then my guides showed me several scenes from the last few months. One of them was Me, meeting someone new with my arms crossed, body language very standoff ish and having mentally ticked off all the things I didn’t like about him in the first five minutes!! They were right again! I wasn’t being open!  Did I really think I would find a man that fit into the set of ideas I had? Could I think outside the box? Second thing my guides taught me was to just enjoy the present. Enjoy the experiences I was having without that bit of pressure of is this THE one? Trust me, dates became less scary and much more fun without that pressure.  I started enjoying truly being on my own! In fact, I loved it! I had never felt so empowered and free to be me! I decided I didn’t really want to keep looking for THE one!!! After all that hard work to find love, I had found it! in myself!!

I know you want more of an ending than that so here it is: I  was loving life to the fullest,  enjoying  every minute, still on the dating sites, meeting new people and having new experiences when BAM love hit me! Someone I would have been closed off to and definitely outside of my “box” of ideas. Happy to say I married him and we have been happy for four years!! So DO your work, love yourself, get in the present and be open!!! The old clichés are true!!! That IS when you will find love!!


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