Spiritual Speed Bumps

Have you ever noticed that it is usually during our most difficult times that we gain the most clarity about what is important in our lives? I call these times “spiritual speed bumps”.  So many of us spend so much time looking for and trying to create “meaning” in our lives.

I think about all the money and time spent going to empowerment workshops and enlightenment seminars that promise to teach us how to find our purpose and joy.  However, if one is patient, you will experience at least one “speed bump” that if used properly, will give you all the profound answers that you could spend a lifetime searching for!

Just like the name suggests, a spiritual speed bump is designed to slow us down, just long enough to take a deep and often quick look at our life and what is important to us.  These events are often seen as negative and unwelcome, however sometime after we can almost always see the good, clarity and prioritizing that came out of it.

Have you ever noticed when you are faced with a crisis or anything that invokes fear we are able to instantly focus in on the most important people or things that mean the most to us? Have you ever been in a car accident or even near accident and had your “life pass before your eyes”? The “life” was not everything, it was those most precious people, events and memories that all came to the forefront of your mind in those very short seconds!

If you think back to those times, you did not think about anyone at your job, your bills due that month, what you were wearing at the time or what anyone around you might have been thinking about you. It was your life, prioritized in mere seconds, yet we spend years trying to do the same thing.  Even if it is not a car accident, we have all had something occur in our lives that could be seen as one of these “speed bumps” in that it allowed for laser focus and clarity on the few things that we cherish. Could have been the birth of a child, financial crises, death of a loved one, any near-death experience of your own, or in my case a health scare.  You see, I had a recent speed bump of my own and I am writing this just on the other side of it. I am speaking from fresh experience!

When two days after a routine yearly screening that all women have after a certain age, I received the dreaded phone call telling me to return for further diagnostic testing, I too experienced my whole “life passing before my eyes”! In what seemed an eternity but was more like the 3 mins it took for the nurse to set the appointment, I thought of only about 4 or 5 people that I was not ready to leave just yet.  I instantly knew what interests and activities I was not ready to give up yet. I instantly knew why I chose to do this work that I do! There it was, just a short list of things that came to mind. And it only took about 5 minutes total!

I am happy to report that my scare, was just a scare and all is well! But, what is even more important is how much clarity I gained about what is important to me and what really brings me joy! These are the things we should keep in our hearts and minds on a daily basis! And funny, I hadn’t thought about any of them that day until that call!

So, this time, this speedbump, I am going to use the way it is intended. Knowing what is most important does no good without acting on it.  Nurture those relationships that are a priority, do those things that you would miss if you could no longer do them, make the time! We all need to make the most of our speedbumps, they are there to help us focus and make any changes needed to get the most joy we can out of this precious life!

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