The Karmic Relationship

The love relationships that you experience throughout life are always karmic in nature. Not all relationships are happy ones, so when a connection is made from a past life time, you have no awareness whether this is a good or bad thing, only that it very powerful.

Karmic Relationships are not the same as your Soul Mate or Twin Flame, regardless of the life altering bond you experience with this individual.  These relationships continually sit in the back of your mind, consume your thoughts and never seem to fade away. These connections will keep reappearing in your life, long after the connection has been severed and you have gone your separate ways.   Presenting through dreams, crossing paths, even signs that remind you of them such as songs, places, and events, for example, all play a part. This is the one relationship that sticks with you. Rarely does a Karmic relationship make you happy long-term.

Your experience in a Karmic Relationship usually starts at a young age, and will endure a lifetime. They affect us to our very core; so powerful, you are willing to set aside your feelings and needs to “fix” them.  You will put up with actions (addictions, abuse, selfishness, cheating) because the bond is so strong you cannot imagine a life without them. It is like an addiction between each other, a magnet that cannot be separated for long.

Being in a Karmic Relationship is the hardest to endure and hardest to understand. These relationships are not typically a relationship that will be an ongoing fixture in your life, as they tend to come and go in waves. They provide a wake-up call once in a while to jolt you back into the search of “why is this person in my life?” For many people, this Karmic relationship will send you on a Spiritual journey, feeling like the highs and lows of a roller coaster ride in order to discover more about the unknown world of emotions, acceptance and judgement. Karmic relationships have a way of providing spiritual and emotional growth, used as learning opportunities to shape you into the person you are destined to be.

Brightest Blessings,

Joanna & Jill

InPsychics Team


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