Why do so many relationships seem like they are failing?

So many people see relationships of all kinds, just stopping out of the blue.  Some are not even prepared or had any knowledge that it was coming to an end. Whether it is friendship, marriages, love relationships, some are just walking away with no explanation or clue any problem had even come up.

Why? There are a lot of people who need to release negative energies in their lives. These energies are not for the greater good of anyone involved. When you sit back and think about it, was it really a loss when the person was not doing their fair share in the relationship?

Each person needs to be able to focus on just themselves at the moment, to actually release any and all negative energies in their lives. Whether this is negative working environments, their own lack of self-worth or trust issues, a negative person who continuously is holding you back, etc. All of them will need to be released.

We are moving forward on a higher vibrational level, and not one of the negative energetic vibrations will be able to be a part of the newer part of our lives. Remove the old to bring in the new.

We are all moving forward whether we like it or not. Some of the relationships will be rekindled, some will not. Some were removed from the other people in their lives so that they could pay attention to working on their inner selves.

Love is and always will be the greatest energy there is. It is the reason we seek out love. However, the universe knows that true love starts from within. So, in order to move forward with a good healthy love, we must first be made to review ourselves inwardly and those around us.

Be prepared though, as we are all moving towards this new love based energy faster than before. Shifts in energies will continue for some, while others will need to take a break and look inward. Looking inward is always the best route to take when there are major energy shifts for you.

If you would like to see what areas of your life you need to look into deeper to clear those negative energies out, or if you feel the negative was removed from you for something better, give me a call and we can look to see where you need to improve or where new changes will be coming for you.


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