Will I Ever Find True Love?

Does true love even exist? Are we here in the world destined to feel alone even if in a love relationship?

Why do we feel as if love needs to come from another source than within ourselves?

Love is one of the deepest emotions we can have. It comes from within our own selves. Like when we see our children for the first time. That love comes from within our hearts. When we see someone we love, it comes from within our own selves.

Why then do we not feel love coming from another? We have blocked the love coming in. Reasons for this can be from being betrayed to never feeling unconditional love. It is not something we do purposefully; it is just self-preservation mode.

Without us being able to fully feel love from within ourselves first, we will never be able to feel or receive love when it is being given by someone else. The love that comes from within our own selves is true love. It is love without any expectations. Why? Because we do not set an expectation with love for ourselves like we do for others.

What is the easiest way to love ourselves unconditionally? Allow ourselves to let go of the hurt that stands in front of our hearts. It is truly that plain and simple.

In order to let go of that hurt, we need to first look within to see what those true hurts are. Once we can see those things and then forgive ourselves for holding on to that inadequate feeling for so long, then, and only then, will we be able to heal ourselves and allow love to flow freely in and out.

One main way to heal from those past hurts is to meditate. When meditating, we see things from a different perspective and can allow that hurt to dissipate.

I get so many clients calling and asking about when love is coming in, but yet when I tap in to them, there is a block in front of their heart. That block, will not allow love to flow in.

If you need guidance to see if your heart is blocked from love due to past hurt, give me a call. I have many years of experience in seeing these blocks. With my ability to look into the heart center and the soul, we can figure this out together. I can also give you tips and tools to release that hurt so that love comes and stays.

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