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Mar 21 - Apr 19

Today's Horoscope
If you hope to regain your lost vigor, look no farther. Everything you once had is coming back to you, more than you might actually need. Fire flickers in your smile, even as your eyes send bold, uncoded messages across a crowded room. Telephones ring as you pass, and the call is always for you. Email zips into your inbox as you conduct multiple conversations. You can flirt to your heart`s content and still not commit to anything. And if you were thinking of physical vigor instead of all this other stuff, go to the gym and beat your most recent personal best. Horoscopes provided by

Apr 20 - May 20

Today's Horoscope
Wherever you are, whoever comes to visit you there, you remain the perfect host. Maybe this means you can`t fully relax, but you already had your time off. With luck, you did all your shopping sometime in the last few days. If you still need to hit the stores or go online, you`ll probably go over budget. You can`t help yourself, though. You want to get it right, no matter what the cost. With the genuine article in front of you, read the fine print or the list of ingredients. If you see something you don`t like, exercise diplomacy. Horoscopes provided by

May 21 - June 20

Today's Horoscope
The cosmic focus is on your lungs and mouth. It`s such a short distance between breathing and speaking that you might find yourself talking a lot. Don`t worry, though, because it`s all interesting. Your mental reflexes have never been better. If you hope to impress others, you`re probably doing it in some way even as you read this. Those toying with the idea of a future in politics can see how it might actually happen. You`d be more interested in helping others than advancing your personal fortunes. That in itself is a rare thing. Stay pure. Horoscopes provided by

Jun 21 - Jul 22

Today's Horoscope
The world is moving faster than usual. A pileup of events threatens to overwhelm you. Your first instinct may be to hide from all this busy chaos, but this is the wrong time to disengage. If you run for home, the thing that follows you will know where you live. Seek adequate nourishment in new places, using your knowledge and instinct to determine what`s safe. Even as you take care of yourself, remember that you`re still trying to address unfinished business. Double-check any vital information that could slip through your fingers. You`ll need everything you have. Horoscopes provided by

Jul 23 - Aug 22

Today's Horoscope
Get out and about in your community. See and be seen. While bright colors may not be your style, you have to admit that you look good in them. Given the choice, you`ll take informal team sports where rules can be waived and every point isn`t a life or death contest. You like small parties because everyone is in on the same conversation. Positive, global thinking comes easily in this encouraging environment. A deceptively simple or silly idea might be the germ of a major plan. Get it all down while the details are still with you. Call your representative early next week. Horoscopes provided by

Aug 23 - Sept 22

Today's Horoscope
Keep your nose to the grindstone and your fingers out of the spokes. Wheels, circles and loops play a big part in what you`re doing. Repetition seems necessary, although you might wish for something more enjoyable. Avoid gossip, if only because of a feeling that it could come back to bite you. The last thing you need would be hearing your own words misquoted at the worst possible moment. As the day passes, make it easy on yourself instead of pushing harder. Save something for tomorrow, since you might have to come back here to finish up. Horoscopes provided by

Sept 23 - Oct 22

Today's Horoscope
Doubling up and pairing off are natural for you right now. Maybe you`re the matchmaker. Maybe you`re the one who retained his or her networking services. No matter where you stand in this equation, it`s a time of new conversations and meetings of the mind. You`re open to many possibilities, although there`s a part of you that`s already working on a decision. First impressions that ring true might make all the difference later on. You`ll remember someone at their best even after you see them at their worst. Horoscopes provided by

Oct 23 - Nov 21

Today's Horoscope
You never know when your world is being radically transformed and when you`ll suddenly sit up and take notice of the smaller, slower changes. That`s why you`re on edge. What you need is an all-consuming hobby, or words of reassurance from someone you trust. He or she would probably tell you that it`s not the end of the world unless you make it so. Watch for positive things, and forecast those trends for a while. This state of flux works both ways. Horoscopes provided by

Nov 22 - Dec 21

Today's Horoscope
Make informed choices instead of leaving it all to luck. By now, you probably recognize the patterns that lead to success or the stepping stones lying just beneath the surface of the water. Despite these basic certainties, however, there`s still so much that could go wrong. Avoid borrowing and lending, especially when large sums of money are involved. Don`t breach your practice or compromise your principles just because someone says it will be fun. You`re entitled to a good time, but it has to be on your terms. Anything else just wouldn`t feel right to you. Horoscopes provided by

Dec 22 - Jan 19

Today's Horoscope
If you fish for sympathy, your net may come up empty. Even the usual well-wishers are busy with problems of their own. Through this, the stars tell you that it`s time to turn inward for now. Drown your sorrows by taking on your `to-do` list. Once you`re feeling better, look at the special projects you might start. Some of these are obviously collaborative and, as you already determined, your likeliest helpers are unavailable. Maybe you could help them. It would make them more interested in returning the favor. Horoscopes provided by

Jan 20 - Feb 18

Today's Horoscope
You find yourself lost/confused in every way today. Try not to do all things at one time, giving your all to one at a time for sustained benefits. If married, your spouse springs a happy surprise on you this evening. Horoscopes provided by

Feb 19 - Mar 20

Today's Horoscope
A business partnership, if worked on meticulously with zest/enthusiasm from both sides today, leads to miracles and much name, fame and recognition. If single, meeting someone charming is not ruled out this social evening. Have fun! Horoscopes provided by

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