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Mar 21 - Apr 19

Today's Horoscope
It`s playtime again. You`re happy that the Stars keep dealing you these wild cards from the bottom of the deck, because you can`t get enough of them. Whatever you do, it`s probably going to be creative. A primal urge is leading you toward music or the arts. Maybe you have a demonstrated skill in these areas, or maybe you`re just presenting the muse with a blank slate. Is there a lesson to be learned here? Of course there is. At some point, you experience a visionary flash about the balance between pleasure-seeking and the less enjoyable parts of your routine. Horoscopes provided by

Apr 20 - May 20

Today's Horoscope
Do you believe in doing unto others before they do unto you? Don`t go there. Ignore that tarnished variant of the Golden Rule. What you should be doing above all else is tolerating people who are different or just plain difficult. Surely there are other outlets for things that won`t go away. A growing hunger for what you lack might lead you to question the value of what you have. Get past the dissatisfaction. It`s interfering with your long-term quality of life. Horoscopes provided by

May 21 - June 20

Today's Horoscope
The same old thing is okay, but you`re looking for a big difference. Go to a cafe where you don`t usually hang out. Drop in on a party where the only person you know is the one who invited you. Be prepared for excitement in this new setting, whether you generate it or whether it just happens to you. Sparks may fly between people who are mutually attracted. You can`t help tuning into the subtle signals that happen at the edge of conversation, even if they`re intended for a different receiver. Curiosity takes you beyond social awkwardness. Horoscopes provided by

Jun 21 - Jul 22

Today's Horoscope
If you`re not yet a parent, it`s never too soon to start practicing. Children are the future, and that puts all adults in the role of potential teachers. However, there will be no test of disciplinary skills or even your ability to change a diaper. This is really all about getting in touch with that childhood spirit. In other words, learn or relearn to play without guilt, ignoring rules and clocks. Creative projects or inexpensive outings are favored. And while you`re running around and making messes, pay attention to the repeated, soothing messages bubbling up from your subconscious mind. Horoscopes provided by

Jul 23 - Aug 22

Today's Horoscope
You`re already the most precious thing around, but you`re going for the gold anyway. Well, why not after all? Like attracts like. You always feel better when surrounded by things and people that are similar to you. This isn`t to say that you don`t like the space outside your perfect orbit. Let all those influences come pouring in, too, as your energy wave crests. Anyone who wants to join the party is welcome as your houseguest. It`s a mixed crowd here. The best of male and female qualities make this an excellent day for any kind of romantic partnership. Horoscopes provided by

Aug 23 - Sept 22

Today's Horoscope
Your input is needed. You`ll respond to messages in bottles and calls for help, even though they distract you from the tight focus of your private world. That`s how you operate these days, and the community appreciates your putting the common good ahead of your own goals. In other words, expect a few last-minute schedule changes if you plan to be working with others. Close windows, send pets outside, and use paperweights and bookmarks to keep your place for later. By the time you get back here, you will have earned your time alone. Horoscopes provided by

Sept 23 - Oct 22

Today's Horoscope
Some people go out of their way to avoid a crowd, but you`ll wade into the middle of it, patting backs and shaking hands. This doesn`t mean that anyone will find you stage diving into the mosh pit. In fact, social animal that you are, small group activities are your venue of choice, particularly if they involve people that you know well. Your relationship will benefit from the time you and your significant other spend socializing as a couple. You`d rather attend a play or a sports event than a lecture or a debate. Keeping it light is much more appealing. Horoscopes provided by

Oct 23 - Nov 21

Today's Horoscope
You`re outranked in a power game, outclassed in a bragging match, or outnumbered in a fight. With odds like these, why would you go up against anything so much bigger or older than you are? It has to do with pride, or maybe with proving yourself. Just don`t play to the audience that you may not even have. Others are less than supportive of your predicament, whether you choose to fight or flee. In spite of all this, you feel like celebrating your unique qualities, even if they`re what got you into all this in the first place. Horoscopes provided by

Nov 22 - Dec 21

Today's Horoscope
People change over time, and you`re one of them, even when your perspective appears to stay the same. Would it hurt you to admit that there`s a difference? Growth doesn`t have to be a painful experience, despite any psychobabble that you may have read to the contrary. Today you`re playing a role that would have been inconceivable just a few years ago. You know that`s progress. The best thing about these sweeping changes is how they fill you with an expanding love. A world where things like this can happen has to be a benign, positive place. Horoscopes provided by

Dec 22 - Jan 19

Today's Horoscope
There`s rain on the parade, but you don`t appear to be getting wet. You already decided that someone else`s bleak outlook isn`t going to ruin your day. Dissent in the ranks will only cause a group project to lose ground. Maybe this is where you get to shine as the star that you are. Be cheerful and inspiring in the face of general disillusionment. And if none of these killjoys and wet blankets recognize a good thing when they see it, pick up the pieces and build your own empire. You gave it your best shot the other way. Horoscopes provided by

Jan 20 - Feb 18

Today's Horoscope
Too many loose cannons are rolling around the deck. You`re part of this crazy dance, but you started it, and that gives you privileges. Demand an explanation for other people`s erratic behavior. And if you don`t get what you want, maybe you`ll do something extreme, like calling a meeting to direct everyone`s attention to what you see as the core issue. Against all logic and caution, some of the most juvenile tactics might actually bring results. Jump on whatever you get and claim it for your own. Compromise would be even better, since that could usher in a new era of peace. Horoscopes provided by

Feb 19 - Mar 20

Today's Horoscope
You have so much to say. It feels as if you`re missing every opportunity to get a word in edgewise. But if you catch yourself talking uncontrollably, try to tone it down. An edgy or unappealing delivery ends up blunting the content of your message. When all else fails, you could always walk away. Look closer at this desire to escape. It holds the seed of a plan for changing your environment. Channel your nervous energy into bringing down the cosmic principles that will make your garden grow. Horoscopes provided by

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Our Psychics professionals hold intuitive gifts allowing them to perceive messages and information at a level of higher consciousness, spiritual and angelic realm. Among our advanced intuitive readers, some have the ability to see lost loved ones, others connect with spirit guides to bring forward their intuition. Psychic gifts may be hereditary, but here, you will soon find that you have the power to connect with your intuition. Accomplished and powerful, INPsychics have learned to expand and deepen their abilities through awakening experiences, workshops, training and years of experience channelling messages all to show you how to take control of your life.

Psychics use a variety of skills to acquire spiritual knowledge. A Clairvoyant psychic uses his or her sense of sight to see images relating to past, present and future events. A Clairaudient psychic receives messages in the form of voices, music or other sounds that contain meaning. A Clairsentient psychic's sense of touch and gut feelings communicate information. They feel a chill in the air or the hair on the back of their neck stands up, drawing their attention to a message. Claircognizant psychics gain their insight by simply knowing what is coming through.

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